Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blackberry Blooms

These are my blackberries. They are thornless, and we get tons of them every summer. Too much for our family to consume. So i freeze them for our smoothies. I never had berries to pick before. It`s one of my favorite things to grow. The only berry i picked were huckleberries in Montana. We had to drive forever, and I got bored after the first ten minutes. I bet i will last longer now that i am more mature. ha. isnt my camera them best?? i just point an shoot. it really makes me look like a pretty good photographer.


lovefool said...

Hi Julie,

Have gone through some of your posts. Your blog reflects a joy which I've always thought I would feel if I were to live as a farmer... Very interesting.

Hope you continue to have a good time.

farmerjulie said...

thank you. curious how you found my blog :)

lovefool said...

I have a blog called 'Spartan Life'. I actually try living like a Spartan :). Feel, in this age, a farmer kind of live could come close to a spartan life. May be one day, I would also own a big farm and my occupation would be farming.

Given this background, I often keep blogger open while at work and keep checking the scroll which shows updated blogs. The word 'farmer' in your blog title made me curious and that's how I read your blog.

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