Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunflower and Sweet peas, metaphors

All of a sudden everything seems to be blooming. i remember in April i was so excited to cut flowers and bring them inside, now I can`t keep up with them..This year I will be focusing on seeds. I am waiting for the delphinium and lupine to dry up so I can harvest them..I have become such a frugal gardener, but it has paid off. With a little ( alot for me) i am and Aries for heavens sake! Anyway, with Mike starting his own company a few years ago I had to learn to multiply my flowers, and start many from seeds. This has grown to some sort of addiction. I get way more satisfaction knowing that I had something to do with the plant from the beginning. There are so many seeds that I use to look over, or never taught to wait for them to mature on a plant. I would just rip them out, and buy "new" again. This gardening thing is has so many metaphors about life it amazes me.. it just took me forty two years to start living life, instead of doing life. and thats been the best part of the whole process. when i sold my business my mom told me good, now you can start smelling the flowers instead of selling them. and you know what mom?? I am.

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