Monday, July 2, 2007

coil vases and pots

This past year I have gotten myself hooked into clay. I took a class about three years ago. it was fun, but didn`t start again until I went to back to school nite at the middle school for my daughter. I fell in love with the coil pots they were making! So after the teachers schpeel, i took him aside and picked his brain on how to do it. He was very kind and patient, and explained to me exactly how! So..thats how i got back into it. and i love making them. I just bought an extruder, and it makes the coils for you. I wish that i had bought that along time ago, but thats ok. And since I grow flowers, i can make a bunch of these and stick my little florets in them. The glaze still has to be figured out..but that is the fun of ceramics. That will come with time. I hope :)


Lisa Gallup - Spirit Thing Studio said...

As I've said before...I love your pots!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia Finn said...

I found your blog and it is like a great magazine with its inspiration!! I love your pottery and the flower arrangements are so beautiful!!

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