Friday, September 21, 2007

More coil vases

Hi...well i picked up some of my pots this week..i put some on sale over at my etsy store! i sold one right away :) makes me happy, and i have some of my photos over there as well..I am feeling alot more creative now that it is fall, and my studio out in the barn is cooler..maybe i will take pics when i get it all snazzed up.. so i just made up that word snazzed..i wonder if it is a word..anyway. its Friday, and i am looking forward to this weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad I can access your site once again. Was just online posting student grades. Wow, fantastic rainbow photo. I'll call someone to tell them about a beautiful rainbow or sunset, asking if they can see it to before it goes away. Your pots are lovely as the autumn photo of the pumpkins and mums. So fun.

farmerjulie said...

sorry about that..i was fiddling again, and i must have done something..geesh.
Thanks for your kindess!! i so enjoy your blog!!

Lisa Kaus said...

Hi there,
thanks for stopping by-
where can I see your paintings and pottery- very fun!

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