Friday, October 12, 2007

Hearts and heart

This is a sunflower i grew over this last summer. I did not recognize that there was a heart shape in it. Can you see it? well I sure do! I get excited when stuff like this happens. Remember the puppy with the heart on its head?? I think somebody is telling me something! And i think its GOOD!
And..i must tell you..i have a special lady who is a dear friends. she is my" heart" in my life right now..Its good to have people who care about you, just the way you are, and she does. i consider myself very lucky!

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Deb said...

What a great sunflower! I get excited over stuff like that too
:-} A few years ago we planted sunflower seeds along the back fence. They grew to be soooo tall - I took a pic of my 6 foot husband next to them just to show how tall they were.

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