Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I cant believe i still have flowers..I picked a bunch last night thinking it may frost. It did not. This may be the last.
I am going to painting class tonight. I am looking forward to it. It is time for me, and i think that is important when you have kids. When moms happy, everyones happy..Isn`t that true?
Thanks to my friends out there for the smile awards. they are truly a blessing! If i was close, i would give you a bouquet..so here is your virtual bouquet.
I am off to see one of my first freinds in Idaho. Actually she was my first freind. We met on the boys baseball team. She is moving to Atlanta. I will miss her. She is a true blessing and friend. I feel that God put each other together because we had both just moved here. I love when God does stuff like that. I like to call it a "God Thing"
anyway...off to my daily, daily running around..
tell me if you have any "God Things "happen to you today.


Deb said...

You still have so many gorgeous flowers in bloom! Your home must look wonderful with little vases here & there . Will you take them as models for your painting class tonight ? Have a great day Julie.

farmerjulie said...

he just teaches landscapes..but i will ask him if we could do a floral! have a great day Deb!

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