Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I was just playing around with my camera..and i picked these from around my yard. I tried to do the Martha Stewart thing, but she ususally does one kind of flower, and i just dont have that many of one kind of flower right now.!
Busy making Pots. ! and mailing off some that I sold. Heading over to the studio where i fire and dropping a load off. Soon, i will have my own kiln and wheel. But for now this will do.


Deb said...

Hi Julie
The colours in your pic are spectacular. How lucky are you to be able to spend your day with a potters wheel. Working with clay was a passion for me in High School. I would often forfit lunch just to have extra time in the Art Studio :-}. Having your own kiln one day will be a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

The pots are lovely. The children's art is fantabuloso, and the flower shots are sensational.

Donna said...

What beautiful flowers! Love the colors. Your pots are great, very unique!

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