Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Parents left for California this morning..Lot`s of tears. I was lucky and hooked my dad up with a fellow bird hunter and that bought me three more days. Mom took care of me because I have been sick.Learned a ton about the economy. I always learn, but this time it was very interesting..the dollar is not what it was, and continues to drop. I think we are heading into a scary time here in the U.S. more than we are use on that note, i must go cut up one of my pumpkins for the seeds..such an interesting life..i know.

This is a picture of my parents..aka Nana and Papa!

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Deb said...

Hi Julie
Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well :-{ ...Such a nice pic of your Mum & Dad - I'm glad you had your Mum with you to give you some TLC.
Hope you are feeling better!

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