Thursday, November 15, 2007

new pots, and wheel

some more little pots that i made over the last few weeks..I bought a potters wheel last night! I am so i will have more time to practice throwing and making things..just wanted to pop in for a second. My sister is coming into town this weekend so i am fluffing up my nest for her and my neice. i am so excited to say the least.


Deb said...

Wishing you tons of fun with your new potters wheel (lucky you)!! Your assortment of pots are so fantastic! Each one is so creative and unique. Having your sister & niece visiting sounds wonderful.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I love your bowls...they are do you display them in your home?? Dianntha

farmerjulie said...

all over the kithcen. i have to figure it out...if you could see my mess! ha
and Deb, thanks for all your nice comments.! sister comes in tomorrow! first stop- the candyshop!

Donna said...

I know you'll have fun with your new potters wheel! Your work is so unique!
Have a good time with your sister and niece!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous; looks like so much fun...and so pretty, Julie.

Felicia said...

Love the cute pots! Congrats on the wheel :)

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