Monday, January 14, 2008

well..things are still crazy over here. Ben is doing alot better. Everyday we seem to get more of the hang of things. My mom left on Saturday. That was hard. I want to move back to where my family is. Its just too far to be away. We are looking into it.

Here is a scarf or shawl that I started last year. I just finished it this weekend. All I have to do is add the fringe stuff.

Here is a pizza parlor that puts up a new name everyday. If your name appears, you get to go behind the counter and make a pizza with the help of some good pizza twirlers. Well my daughters name came up..we have waited four years for her name to come up. Her name is not the most common you know. so here is a pic ! They had Hannah's two years ago..and we went. The things that get us excited, i tell ya..fairy doors, and making pizzas. i need to get a life. ha But she had a ball..and so did we watching her. :) horses got out, and i had to run down the street with slippers that didn't match or fit, i grabbed a pail of oats, and they followed me home, and then ran off again! They got spooked! I was sweating in 30 degree weather! That was stressful . That has never happened to me before. Mike is usually here to do that kind of stuff. And..he took the keys to my car this morning. so i had to take the old dirty waggoner that takes thirty minutes to warm up, and no gas. So , then i got that warmed up and we missed the bus where the kids go, so we got some gas. The kids were only 3 minutes late. not bad. I was exhausted! ha..
I am trying to write next to the picture. sorry that it is all messed up. I am not the savvy computer person. That's all..


Donna said...

So glad your daughter gets to go behind the pizza counter at the pizza parlor! What fun that should be! I really like the scarf you made, pretty colors. I'm also glad you got your horses back ~ sounds like a stressful situation!
Have a good day!

farmerjulie said...

thanks donna. it was stressful, for me at least. thank goodness for the oats!

sugarcreekstuff said...

Putting chickens away sounds easier. Ive tagged you, if you would like to participate list 7 weird/random things about you on your blog, then pass it on.

Deb said...

Hi Julie
Wow - lots of things happening to farmer julie :-} ... So glad you got your horses back. That happened to our friends who own the farm - the husband was away for the day and the cows got out!! They have 3 daughters and the 4 of them had to lure the cows back to the farm :-} It made for a good story though :-} Your scarf turned out fantastic! what a great pattern & I love your daughters names - Hannah and Greer. How exciting for Greer to be able to make pizza!! Thanks Julie for your Birthday Wishes :-}

Donna said...

Hi again Julie!
Come visit me. You've been tagged!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love that idea- a special pizza on their selected name day!! How fun!! Not sure kijsa would ever get to make a pizza though!! hahaha!! Glad the horses are back- whew! we were tired thinking about it!!

kari & kijsa

Felicia said...

What fun thing for the pizza place to do!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How exhausting! You poor girl! Quick thinking with the oats!

The Pizza parlor sounds like a bunch of fun! Love your daughter's name, too!


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