Thursday, February 28, 2008


Clutzy..thats what I have been up to lately. Breaking things, slicing my finger, falling down.Shutting my finger in the door. All in one week.Bruises all over. I don`t know what thats all about. I am a mess! I should just sit down and wait until it`s over!!

All is well..just contemplating if I should start a blog for my pottery , or web site, or just keep it all rambled together like my junk drawer. ( i cleaned it today) I also need to come up for a name for my pottery business. If there are any suggestions, you could leave me a comment, or e-mail me with a fabulous idea: I would be so appreciative ! i might just use my name..julie thomas pottery..or julie browne thomas pottery..or the pot lady. no , just kidding. It all sounds so boring..And i am going to go now. because i dont know what else to say! More pots coming soon..and some tulips started to pop up out of the ground.! Spring is coming..Hurry, hurry, or I am going to be mad...


Jenn said...

ooooh...thank you for all these lovely visions of Spring!!! It really can't get here fast enough!

It's so hard to think of a good business name, isn't it!? What about your farmer julie name? It's so cute...I love it:)


eileensattic said...

Hi Julie, I'm a new reader and I find your junk drawer to be delightful.

Donna said...

Hi Julie,
Love the new look to your blog ~ so fresh and springy!
Hmmmm, a name for your pottery blog...I like julie thomas pottery...I'm sure you'll come up with a good name.
Have a good day!

Anonymous said...


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