Friday, March 28, 2008

garden vase

garden vase
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Just poppin in to say hi..lots going on, but not a lot of time to post..These are flowers from last years cutting. I am getting the flower bug in me. I just wish it would get here sooner than later..

Not much else..just wanted to say i am still kicking! Oh and I did buy me a NEW pair of walking shoes today. I am planning on using them a lot. That's my goal.This getting old stuff is not what its cracked up to be. Before I could cut back on my calories, and not work out that much..not anymore. They all told me it would change..they were right, Darn it..I have my winters coat to shed now, and a good pair of shoes to get me started. Wish me luck. I need it!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful flowers! You will get more like that this year! New shoes? Have fun walking!! It's getting nice outside to do just that!!


Deb said...

What a bouquet! These are my favourite kind - a mixture of blooms in a simple jar ...beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing flowers in my garden again. Raining today and still quite a bit of snow.

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