Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Pots!

I managed to make some pottery in between packing yesterday. It`s a break from this moving task. Even if our house does not sell ( in this crazy market) at least my closets, and junk are gone. I have to think positive. Our plan is to move back to California , to be near family. We have no family here, and my parents are not getting any younger. I want spend time with them..even though they are in California only half of the year. The other half is in Montana. Ok. and my sister and brother who I miss terribly. It is also Mikes work( thats the main reason) We would like to find a little farm, where we can have the same sort of set-up. And maybe I will grow flowers and sell them to my contacts in So Cal. One acre of land is all you need. You would be amazed how much that one acre would produce. We will see what happens. I can only do today, or the anxiety starts to come on like it did last night, and I blew up, or lost my cool. yes i lost it. But today is a better, new day, and I will not do that! Wish me more luck.!! I just hope a realtor doesn`t call and want to show the house. It is so not ready yet! oops.

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