Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is a print of one of my favorite dresses that I have had for many years...i am thinking of using it on the back of my business cards..I am just playing around with the idea.
And here is my mess..I ususally throw when the kids are in school..at night when the pots have dried a bit I add the balls, and lines. I have been bringing them in at night so I can be around the kids and help them do their homework..which sometimes I get, and other times I have to wait till Dad comes home to help them.. They think I know everything! ha..anyway. not much except a dirty house, dirty dogs, and muddy horses..too many chores, and all I want to do is play in the mud.


eileensattic said...

Yes. I vote for that fabric. LOVE it! And your pots are simply beautiful.

Deb said...

Love the fabric Julie! So bright and cheerful :-}

Donna said...

Love the fabric! Love your pots too!

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