Sunday, March 16, 2008

Type B

Well, the pictures make it look peaceful here, but there is so much going on around here..lots of touch-ups, and de cluttering, planting some pansy`s, weeding etc .You get the picture..Tomorrow they are coming for the virtual tour( i am dreading that), and on Tuesday, a walk through with a bunch of realtors. I hope they can see that a creative type messy mom lives here. I hope they get it and can look past my type B personality. If they dont..oh well! Selling a house with two teenagers will be interesting as well. Make that three teeneagers. Ben will be 13 on April 4th. Oh you feel sorry for me yet? Cause I do! Thats all of my whining for today. Now i am sneaking off to the barn to make some pots..funny how that de-stresses me. Shhhh..don`t tell anyone.

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