Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thats my new little friend...Blue, even though he is mostly green. This bird cracks me up..I love him!! He loves to be held and hangs out with me..funny little guy.

Last picture..i am art mom in Doe`s class tomorrow. Last night we practiced some ideas out. I think we are going to go for the chicken bowls. They seem like they would work with a bunch of eight year olds!

Thats about all. I have a dinner request from my almost nineteen year old..chicken and biscuits with peas..hmm i am never tried that one before.He liked the version from The Cheesecake Factory.. He has been working so much, and going to school..poor kid needs a home cooked meal. I am more of a Costco cook. Love all their pre made food! so easy.
ok.have a beautiful spring day!


Deb said...

Blue is adorable Julie! What a perfect little blogging buddy :-}. Have tons of fun in Doe's class tomorrow - lucky girl having such a talented Mum!!

eileensattic said...

Your vases are so pretty with the purple flowers in them.
Love that funny little Blue. :)

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