Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weeds, and Pots

Its been busy over here on the pottery side of things.! I shipped my first international order to the UK this morning. I didn`t know I could do it, but I did..thank you Rachel!! And..some of my blogging friends Julie from Jane`s Apron, she is right there on my fun friends link bought a pot! Yipee..thank you thank you! She has a darling blog! Go see her cute things! Tell her I sent ya...And..Red Shoes.if you have not seen her blog, go check her out. He name is Catherine, and she is so much fun! She has a darling shop in Ann Arbor Michigan. I havent been there yet, but you can just tell how cute it is..She is the Fairy Door Lady. Thats where I got my fairy door. Well, anyway, she was my first wholesale order! She ordered 26 pots or vases whatever you want to call them from little ole ME! Thank you Miss C very much. She even blogged about them..so go visit her too. She is on my friends page. And I had another repeat customer this morning. Thank you Maria!! I feel so lucky to be doing what I love to do.. Oh, and Caroline..Thank you!

So..on another note. My parents are here! They came in last night. They live in Montana half the year and California the other half..They just finished the California part, and they always stop our house for a week on there way up! My dad and I always go hiking in the hills. This morning we did just that. i found a little flower that I use to sell at the flower shops. It is a filler flower. and it was growing everywhere. It is called euphorbia. Most people would think its a weed, but it is not! You see all flowers start out somewhere. like these little fella`s.. See the bouquet I made? its in there. its the yellow fluffy flower. The yarrow was just about to bloom, and the wild flox was blooming, but too short to cut for bouquets.

Off to pick the kids up at the bus stop..Then back to reality. !! have a great day!!


sugarcreekstuff said...

Congrats on your international sale!
I have been lucky enough to go to catherines Red Shoes shop, 15 minute drive, the store is as wonderful as it looks on her blog, she is as nice as she seems, and your pots are adorable in person.

Deb said...

Congratulations Julie on your sales!! How awesome. Love the floral arrangement you put together. We have yarrow growing all through our garden (hubby loves it) - it's great for keeping the mosquitos away. Have fun with your parents.

bridgmanpottery said...

wow, Julie, congratulations! That's awesome that you're getting so much business! How wonderful!

farmerjulie said...

Thanks so much ladies!!
yarrow is good for mosquitos? good to know!! thanks Deb!

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