Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is our backyard. I gave the swing set away last weekend. Now we have a very large sand pile. I could see a pool if we stayed here, or more vegetables or even a peony garden. Our house has only been shown once in 65 days. This market is not the best. This is looking out my kitchen window. I went outside to take it because my window is dirty..Couldn't show you my flaws you know.
And..Terra cot ta. Boy does it make a huge mess, but I like the way it turned out. I made a half dozen for my front porch. It is nice, because I do not have to glaze these little guys, and only have to fire them once. I think I will buy more of this clay. I was even thinking of getting stoneware and glazing it a creamy white color. Like the Austier pottery in France. Well see. I am up too late. Conan just started. There is a great new and upcoming artist named(Aimee) Duffy..she is really great.I have my ring tone on my new phone set to her song called Mercy . I love it. My kids think its weird. I may stay up, but I really need to hit the hay. Nightie night!


bridgmanpottery said...

Julie, I love that! Is it really hard on your hands? I've never used terra cotta because I don't want to mess up my studio and get red streaks all over my white clay!

Michelle said...

Julie, your back yard is gorgeous! Have you grown peonies? I've heard they're a little "fussy". I'd love to have some, but being so far north, I'm not sure if they're hardy enough.

farmerjulie said...

hi Melissa..
That is the downside. Its so messy. I have to clean everything before i get started, and then clean it again. and it seems you cannot get rid of the red. but i still like it.

Michelle! hi..
peony grow really well here. They are almost blooming. I have some scattered everywhere. i love them! do they sell them at your nurseries? you can talk to them about how they do in your region.
have a good day girls!

Deb said...

What a great terra cotta coloured pot & gorgeous yard!

farmerjulie said...

thanks Deb!

Heather said...

that terra cotta pot is SO cool! I love your pots! Ive always wanted to try to make them, but am too chicken...firing pits and all! Your beautiful pots are amazing though...I;ll have to peruse your etsy store!~

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