Thursday, June 12, 2008

My creation
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I am playing around and trying to make some postcard type mailers. I am so addictied to flickr. I do not know what I did with my life before that was invented.

I have not been around much..well the kids health issues, but I just dont know what to say , or write. I was in a pretty low funk. Until my friend came by, and snapped me out of it. She has a type one kid..She listened to all my fears . They were validated. But she assured me that I could not screw up. That she has not screwed up and has been doing this for ten plus years. Her son was diagnosed at two years old. Can you even imagine? So, yes I have tons of fear, and worry. I worry I will give too much insulin, or not enough. Seizures are another worry for me as well. The high blood sugar, and the lows. But for some reason , listening to another mother with a type one diabetic who understands, and who has been through it put in perspective for me. I always have thought that our lifes experiences good or bad can help someone else. She helped me so much and for that, I am grateful. I am a much happier camper!

I joined the Idaho Etsy Mud team! They excepted me! WoooHooo!!

What else?? hmm thinking...thinking. I made some pots tonight. There are mosquitos out already. They really like me. I don"t like them. They bit me. What is their purpose again?

Off to bed. It is going to get nice here. Like in the 80's . I am ready.


Deb said...

Hi Julie
Just finished looking through your flickr - so many gorgeous photos :-} Loved the "things I make" group & your dining room chairs which look handmade from tree branches. Have a great weekend.

petit elefant said...

do you mind if I blog about you and share some of your photos with my readers?

farmerjulie said...

hi Deb..I will pots that pic. I almost did last night!

Hi Allison. No i dont mind on little bit! I would be honored!

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