Thursday, August 28, 2008


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so..i was fooling around and making names out of flowers..i know i could have been doing so many other things. It was just one of those days, ya know.

Kids started school. that was hectic. always is, but we managed to buy all the supplies, and get the lists, sign the papers..fill out all the forms..lots of stuff.not to mention the nurse visits and snack supplies that the kids need on hand everyday.

Have you ever had Tillamook ice cream? Well, i am eating it right now called mudslide, and I tell you it is the bestest..My diet is going really well, as you can see.

Other than slinging clay, slinging laundry and slinging life, it is going pretty darn good..have to have that positive attitude.!

I will be back for more..and I am planning on doing a listing of some pots on Etsy tomorrow night!! I told you the end of August..nothing like waiting till the last minute.

Oh, one more thing. My dog Molly who I got when I was twenty, well today would have been her birthday. She would have been twenty three. Bless her..she was a great dog! I never will forget her birthday.


Sally's Chateau said...

What a lovely blog this is, gorgeous fresh flowers spilling out of delicious looking pots, talking of delicious that ice cream sounds pretty tempting too !!

Donna said...

Hi Julie,
Your flower arrangements are absolutely gorgeous!

Yum, ice cream sounds good.

(awwww, and I'll wish Molly a Happy Birthday, even though she's gone and missed)


Deb said...

Love all the new pots you've created Julie ~ gorgeous!
Molly sounds like a sweet dog - how great that you think of her on her birthday!

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