Monday, August 11, 2008

I am home..I made some pies, and weeded my yard. Unloaded our duffel bags..what a mess..All is good. I love Montana though. There is something about Montana that is so comforting to me. I just love it so. It was hard to leave. I miss my mom. She is the best. When we got off the plane , we had a layover in Salt lake..we went to dinner, and I pulled out my wallet, and my mom stuck some money in for me. I wanted to cry. She is like that, always nurturing and making sure I am OK. My dad is the same way.. I am lucky.

So. I just had one kid in Montana. All the others left early, they have a social life you know. And Mike had to work, so I played hookie with Doe aka Greer and we stayed for two extra weeks. It was fun, because my sister was there with her daughter Lily, and the girls are just the best of friends. So Wendy and I and the girls Terracached, and went huckleberry picking, and laughed, and we went to plays at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse. Something that I have been doing since 1972. I think (and know) that is why I am a theater junkie today. So...thats all. It has been a fun summer. Pumps and all. by the way, the insulin pumps are working very nicely..Ben loves his, and Doe is doing just fine. we took it out for two weeks, and then put it back in today..such fun.

Off to bed. I have been pulling late nights, and that leads to late wakeups. no more of that!


eileen said...

I'm so glad you had this lovely vacation. I always felt the same way about my mom when she was still here. Treasure those moments forever. :-)

Your photos from Montana were lovely.. but I missed your garden and pottery.

Soon it is back to school.

Linda Crispell said...

I always love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures. I am going to look up "Terracached" in the dictionary now!
Your Pal,

fourlittleloves said...

Julie! Thanks for your comments! I just love reading your blog. You are amazing!! Your life is not easy I can tell. But I can tell you are a very loving mother to your children... I can't even imagine having a child with diabetes let alone two! It sounds like you are dealing with it so well. I bet you love living the country and not having to deal with the rat race in So Cal. That is how I am now... I can't imagine living in a big city again! I love the laid back area where we are. (By the way, we are right near Durango, CO) It is wonderful and gorgeous too!! Well I must go make some dinner so I will catch up with you later... So great being in contact with you again!
p.s. your mom sounds like my mom :o) and I miss her terribly too!!

Anonymous said...

Your lovely descriptions really do make it sound like such a good summer you've had. :) I love your writing.

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