Thursday, October 30, 2008

not much..

Another vase..
This is a picture that my daughter took of her friends a couple of days ago. This is the street where we went trick or treating last year. The street is called Harrison Blvd and is a hot spot in Idaho. I had never seen anything like it before. Thousands of people, lines going up to every house and decorations galore! I loved it. This house carves pumpkins every year. I counted about fifty or more. All of the houses are so old and beautiful, and the street is full of energy..if you are in Idaho, and recommend you try it out at least once!

Getting ready for tomorrow. I only have one child left that still trick or treat (so sad), and she will be an Artist. It was decided today at Target. We got a beret, a vest, an apron..figure some more out tomorrow. She did not like any of the store bought things, and I cannot sew, (yet) so this will do..
My parents are here! Dad takes off and goes shooting at the Gun club, and Mom and I are having fun. it is nice doing nothing and hanging out. Catching up on some backed up pottery as well. I am so happy that my kiln is working. Pottery sure makes me happy..
Happy Halloween!


Kar said...

Harrison Blvd is great! Sometimes too many people. But it's great to see all those neat houses on Halloween night isn't it? Have fun with your parents. It's the simple things that mean the most!

Eileen said...

oh!.. your folks are there again.. wonderful! I remember you telling about how nice that was the last time they visited. :-0
Amazing house.. look at all the jack'o'lanterns!

Blakely said...

I love all those pumpkin.

Deb said...

Happy Halloween Julie!
Love that house with all the pumpkins ... what a fun street to go trick or treating!
Have a great visit with your parents.

Jenn said...

What an amazing display of JOL's!!!! oh my FUN!
Hope you have a fun night with your little artist:):)

Happy Halloween!!

Donna said...

Happy Halloween, Julie!

Looks like a great Halloween celebration. Love all the pumpkins.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

WOW! I cannot get over how many carved pumpkins that they have. What a wonderful home, too!

Happy Halloween! Have a blast with your parents there. Our son is home on leave time...whooo hoa!


Firefly Hill said...

I am moving to Idaho! It looks so beautiful there....

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