Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So cute I cannot stand it. She does amazing work this little gal!! Here is her link.
Does anyone know how i can put the website behind the link? I need blog lessons! Fast!
Hope you are all having a good day! So far so good on my end. Cannot complain. ! Took a very long walk with my walking partner black lab Tess..and now off to pick up the kids. See you!


Kimberly said...

Your question about putting the website behind the link . . . When you compose the blog, you highlight the text you want to be the link and then you go to the top of the post window and click on the icon that is green with black sunglasses. (I think that's it.) It will take you to the place where you add your web link. You should copy the link location first and then paste it when you get to the window. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Oh these are TOO CUTE!

Linda Crispell said...

I just figured out how to link. I wrote over 100 posts and never used the "compose" feature, that is where the little icon is that Kimberly is talking about. This has opened up a whole new world, I can also add text in between pics now.
The dolls are wonderful!!!

Kimberly said...

Hey Julie,
You just stopped by my blog and said you recognized my backyard. Yes, we've been talking about how you used to live here too!

Judy said...

Those are sooooooooooooooo cute.

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