Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eggs 99/365

Eggs 99/365
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I have been taking a picture a day since January first...Some days it is easy, and some not easy and not interesting. I was craving an egg salad sandwich. So while they were cooling i snapped this pic.Since it is Easter this Sunday , i thought I would share..Plus i kinda like it..Who knew.?
Wishing you a Happy Easter..hopefully I will be back before then!


Kar said...

Too cute Jules! Simple but nice to look at. The bowl looks awesome too! Chat at ya later! :)

julie king said...

they're so pretty all glistening in that very gorgeous bowl. i think i have one just like it and i love it!!! i've been taking photos almost very day lately. i find it very fulfilling and relaxing.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very pretty--I love brown eggs, that shade is just perfectly buttery!

Deb said...

Happy Easter Julie!

LillySue said...

Great pic....Love the color contrast. Also, congrats on going to the FarmChicks sale!

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