Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are back !

Well, we made it ! What a great show! I was overwhelmed! Great people, great vendors, cheap prices, cool stuff! Wow...Here are a few pics of the event..not in any kind of order because I am still too tuckered out..but love this bike!
and my soon to be ten year old made this sign for me..Sold lots of pots, and vases..such fun..lots of good feedback, and lots of new contacts and friends !

i bought stuff here. Her name was Joy and she was a great lady..just don't know the name of her shop!

here are some flowers I picked when I got back.

and I bought this heavy metal thing. Isn't it so cute? I bought more stuff..i will load them up soon.. Plus I met some great friends from right here on my blog .Maisy and Lily Sue...that was sure fun to meet you! I am exhausted..must go and give myself a break and relax in my jammies..and do nothing..!!Have a great day.


Living in the Garden said...

so glad you had a good show!
I am sure folks loved your vases, and I love the metal flat file you bought!

Jill said...

What beautiful flowers!!! and LOVE the metal flat file!! What a treasure!
Love your website! just found it! :)

LillySue said...

Hey Sweetie~ So glad we met you too! We are still recovering. Did your lovely Mama get home all safe and sound?? For some reason, I just want to stay in my jammies too and eat large quantities of Hagen Daz Ice Cream!! I love my pot, it looks adorable on my shelf...Your so talented!!


P.S. I have you posted on my blog today.

Linda Crispell said...

I adore the large pots next to your metal treasure!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Our peonies will be blooming soon...
I covet your bike! Is that an old card catalog in the last pictures?

julie king said...

sounds like a wonderful show!!!!!

Jen said...

I love the picture of the bike. Wish I could have it. I have a bicycle obsession. Anyway, glad you had a great show and love the site.

Deb said...

So glad you had a great time Julie! I love that red bike (and the horse purse) :-) and your metal filling cabinet is fab!

XUE said...

What a fabulous find - that heavy metal thing! I tend to buy storage units...& then figure out what to store in them later !

It' an Evolution said...

I am so sad I missed Farm chicks..I would have loved to meet you. Glad you were successful...although I need to purchase some of your stuff to compliment what I purchased in Kansas City.
Your flowers are outstanding and such an inspiration to me.
Take care

High Desert Diva said...

Just clicked in from Living in the Garden. I bought one of your vases from Suzanne in March.

So sorry to read about Betty.

I came up to Farm Chicks, too, but missed seeing your booth.

Joy is a friend of mine from Silverton, OR. Her shop name is Auntie Joy's. Here's her blog link:

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