Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello E-bay

I decided to list a few things on E-bay again. First , you can probably get my pottery at a good deal, and second, i just like to mix things up a bit. are some pots that I listed today. My Etsy shop is full as well...if you dont want to wait, i have been busy like crazy listing over there as well!

Hope your summer is going well..Here in Idaho it has not been as hot as all the summers that I have experienced so far..I love our thunder storms and rain showers that we have been getiing!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's been balmy in Wisconsin, too! That's okay--no need for muggy weather:) Pretty pots!

Anonymous said...

I finally found you. I think of your beautiful pottery often. So, to have a kiln in which you get that lovely glaze? See how much I know? :) They are lovely!

Jen said...

The pots are lovely, as always, but I couldn't resist sending a comment about your sunflower masthead. What a beautiful picture!

It' an Evolution said...

You will have to post how ebay is working for you...I have been curious to see if you will get more exposure.

I just love your work.

The midwest...Chicago area...has been cool so I really enjoy it.

Take care and good luck

LillySue said...

Good Luck with your Ebay endevor! I am off to look at what you have there. Glad you are having a nice summer in Idaho, we are finally getting some heat....95* expected today!

henzy said...

lovely work

Debbie Egizio said...

Your pottery is so magical! I'm sure that these will get snatched up quickly. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your new header. So pretty. But my favorite is the little balls you put on your pottery. It makes it smile. ~PJ

KarenSue said...

I found you. I bought a cute little vase from you at the Farm Chick Show and I love it.

KarenSue said...

Hi Julie, Left lakeside last week. Be back at Christmas and then next summer. That would have been fun meeting up. Hopefully I'll see you at the Farm Chick Show next year.
Thanks for saying hello.

Anonymous said...

Love those pots with the little round things on them. Got to visit you on ebay.
When you're totally bored, please adjust my address, I have a new one. thanks, PJ

Rita said...

Just found your site blog hopping. Oh wow! I just love your pots.
Brilliant work. I will be looking in often xxx Rita

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

Beautiful little pots, Julie! It's really hot here, 100 degrees today! Enjoy your day!


Funky Junk Sisters said...

We really love your creations, we would love for you to consider being a vendor in our show. For more info go to or

We will be coming through Boise this weekend, do you have a shop? We are heading to Poky for an ISU scrimmage. We would love to stop by.

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

Petit Elefant said...

I love this stuff, so darn cute!

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