Monday, October 12, 2009

Me again..What do you do??

O.K. So you know how I am doing Bench Monday on Monday of course..I want to know..What are your days that you do something on your blog? My friend Deb from Posted from Home does Mosaic Monday. When I saw hers today I got a little curious! So tell me, share with me what you do, or what you want to do! Maybe we can even start one and do it together. I am game! I want to have some fun..don't you?  C'mon Girls!!

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Deb said...

Hi Julie
Loved your Bench Monday photo with the pumpkins & gorgeous big white pots of Mums! I do the Mosaic Monday, Thankful Thursday "a girl with GRattitude" :-)(last week switched it up a bit and decided to make it Thankful {things I love} Thursday, and on Fridays (if I have a good sky pic) I do Skywatch ~ a group that posts pics of the sky, clouds etc (the link is on my blog if you want to join in). I love the idea of starting one and doing it together too... I'll put my thinking cap on :-)

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