Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bakerella Cake Pops!

This is totally me. I have no idea how i got this to be underlined, but it is. So deal with me please! Sorry..
See that link above?.Go to her will be inspired . I promise! She is amazing!!
They are her cake pops.  Easy and fun to make! Loved them and we are making more tonight for my daughters Valentines class party tomorrow. And no I am not one of those moms that does everything.You see, she is my last one! I am savoring her youth! I love it and am having a blast with her...
So...on that note, i am getting tired of this underline thing. I even tried to remove it up on the toolbar.

My little pottery bowl with my bracelets.. hey it is not doing it anymore down here..hmm.
have a great day my friends!


Kar said...

Too cute Jules! I might have to make some of these in the near future.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That would be a HUGE hit at a back sale!

Blue Bunny said...

I have eated those befor!! I lieks them so mutch, especially the ones wit karrits in them.

my boss, Jannie, she haz a girl child too and my Jannie savoring the momints of being a mommie. So mutch!

from-- blue bunny, my jannie's bloging manigir

Anonymous said...

Cake pops. :)
Cake of any sort is a hit with me.

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