Monday, February 1, 2010

bowls..( and J.J. knowels)

Some of the bowls that i have been doing this week. i will be listing some on etsy tomorrow.

J.J. i tried to email you but it came back to me. Please email me here: I am so sorry to hear about your baby...! i want to chat with you so much!
Diabetes is so close to my heart. Us moms need to stick together, so please e-mail me!! thinking of you..

 So when i hear of another mom's who child is diagnosed with type one diabetes, it just pretty much brings back all those feelings when my kids were diagnosed. so much fear and not knowing. .So when someone comes by here and i cannot get a hold of i really want them to know that i care, and am here. I still have so much to learn about this disease!

O.k. as for pottery..last night i was at tennis and was hit by a ball. my pinky is black and blue and twice as big as my other one. So i am laying off the potter wheel this week. hopefully it will heal soon. I will focus on listing ALL of my inventory..that is my least favorite job, but i think it will serve me well this week..
Have a good week. !!


KarenSue said...

Hi Julie!
You probably don't remember me. I bought the cutest green vase from you at the Farm Chick Show last year. II love the pick heart bowl!
I just might have to order one of those.
Happy Day!

Vicki Greene said...

The little heart bowls are delightful and just in time for Valentine's Day! Hope you finger heals quickly.

missliz said...

Beautiful little bowls! I enjoy seeing your work. I think a heart shaped bowl would be a great gift for my friends that sew. It could hold pins, buttons, notions, yeah! What a great gift item! Sounds like I need to go shopping at etsy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

CUTE heart bowls! Bummer about your finger. I hope the bruise is gone quickly.

J.J. Killins said...

Julie! Those heart bowls are just so dang adorable. Love love them.

I emailed you!

thefinaltouchideas said...

I just love your bowls. I am going to check out your ETSY store right now.

Lejournal said...

Your pottery looks lovely.

Living on a farm... making pottery... I 'm a city girl who envies you. :)

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