Thursday, April 29, 2010

Picture Spring

I took a class online. First one ever. It was with Tracey C. from the famous Shutter Sisters..
Called Picture Spring.

It was fun. I did not do it everyday, but have all the e-mails so I can go back and look at it and do it while i am not trying to open a flower shop. I bought it for myself for my Birthday which was on April Fools day. I did it last minute and so happy that I did. She is doing another class called Picture Summer. I am signing up for that , and cannot wait. I highly recommend this class..It was that great , and for a dollar a day..? Can't beat that!

So...go to:Picture Summer

and I am not getting paid to say this..i just loved it so much.

On that note. I am having a Open House for Botanica on May 1st. 10-4
Come by..i am having cake and some giveaways!

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