Friday, November 12, 2010

candles and gift cards..

Hi..i am tell you the truth, i missed blogging and the ritual of it all. it is such a creative outlet for me. i think of all the stuff i went thru i just could not really bare to divulge or pretend it was all OK. but i think  i am seeing the i wonder if anyone even cares what i have to i won't say much tonight and just tell you a few little things..
i think i am going to keep my farmerjulie blog and combine the two...
i designed gift cards for the shop. it feels so professional! i love it if i say so myself.

and i am making candles..oh so many candles. the wax is taking over my kitchen..things are not getting done...but my house smells good and i am coming up with some beautiful
Winter in Idaho
Crimson Currant
Cinnamon (can't think of anything clever besides just cinnamon)
French Lavender
and a few more..
I just got my stickers ..i am naming them Botanica Soy is a picture of some tuberose..they are available now at the shop..only $12.00 and yes i will ship.! 
Have a great weekend..!


julie king said...

glad to see you back here. i separated from my husband recently and i know how you felt about not wanting to pretend like everything is ok. actually, that had been going on for some time before i left. but life marches on and i'm happy to be living it my way these days.

your candle-making sounds like fun. my art room has spilled out into the hallway onto the dining room table and into my reading chair. did i mention i'm having fun??!!

farmerjulie said...

oh i am so happy you are having fun! i am sorry about your situation..always here for you my friend! xxoxo

Lori Renn said...

Hi Julie. Love your candles! The scents are fantastic. I want the pine/holiday scent! By the way, love the picture of the basket of apples on your header. I haven't gone apple picking since I was a kid. I want to go and take some pictures. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty! I am so weak when it comes to soy candles--they never smell fake, either.

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