Sunday, April 10, 2011

flowers, governor , and stuff like that.

Hi..I am still pumping out the pots..I actually just got it going again early this year. I took a good year off..It feels good...i am planning on getting some on Etsy real soon.

Spring flowers for a special darling sweet client who looks like Eva Longoria but with blonde hair. for reals...
love this pic. this is Mimi..she is an amazing designer and friend...and cracks me up daily. makes my job fun. We did these for the Governors office ..there were four bull horn things. I liked them . They were really cool. Our Governor is a cowboy. Very fitting.
We have fun, can you tell??  Can you tell that I am tired..I am..more to come this week. i missed you little blog world and blog friends...this is fun. Good Night.

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