Sunday, June 5, 2011


Sunday..i actually get some rest. But do I rest? not really..i try. I think I will watch the French Open..Last day.

 I have been busy listing on Etsy working at the shop, making pots, making candles. Have I told you my new love of silk flowers lately? I know..i can't believe I even said that..well, let me tell you...I am in LOVE...The look real, feel real...I get the highest quality and am VERY picky.. I am the flower snob you know. There is nothing like fresh..let me tell you..i am still growing and digging and that will always be there..So here are a few things I want to share..Have a happy Sunday friends...


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your work is perfection!!


Kar said...

I wish I had a shelf going across the two walls of my dining room so I could buy up your little vases and put them there. That would be so awesome!

farmerjulie said...

Hi BEcky! I miss you! xoxo thanks for stopping by!
Hi Kar! fun seeing you and the girls yesterday..i was too tired to walk..such a slug. :)

julie king said...

i don't seem to be able to take a day off. too much life to live i guess. love what you're doing with the curvy handles on the pots. and your header photo is gorgeous!

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