Tuesday, July 10, 2007

summer sun

Ok..my pregnant dog is way over due. i thought she would have had them up in Montana, but no. she is holding them in for some reason. She will not eat dog food anymore, so here i am making her a chicken breast at 11:30 p.m. I do feel bad for her though. she is so miserable.
The two older kids are at the harry potter 11:59 p.m. show. and B is spending the nite at his buds, and G is tucked away.
this sunflower is one of my favorites. I am saving the seeds, so i can grow more of them.
M and G took the flowers down to the nursing home. It was well received. so that was good. and, my friend from california is coming to visit next week! I am so excited!! now i just have t clean up and get my act together so she doesn`t see what a slob i am :)


Lisa Gallup said...

I noticed you were up late posting last night! I was too - my kids went to the 12:10am showing of Harry Potter! lol Makes for moms getting very little sleep, huh??!

farmerjulie said...

Yes, Ha mine went to the late harry potter as well. i cant rest until they are home! and with the pregnant dog. i am just a worry wort these days! ha.
i kept looking at all the fun things on flickr. the inchies and stuff! see what you got me into!

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