Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Green tomato plants

it is going to be a great year for tomatoe`s here at Rooster Farm. I planted nine plants. and that is way too many for a family of six. So I just might get the inch to make tomatoe sauce, or spagetti sauce. One day at a time. Some old timers taught me that tomatoes freeze very well, so you are not rushed to can them all at harvest time. That is mybe what I will end up doing. I also have not had any creachers come by. Those marigolds and chickens are doing a fine job as well.
Now it is 10:30 ish and again I am in the middile of cooking chicken for my big fat pregnant shihtzu Sweet pea. I slept on the downstairs couch just to be next to her. you would think that i was pregnant too! ha. no , that is not funny.

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