Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yep, this is my life!

Just a life. i usually post all the pretties, but in reality, this is how I work! Pure, living., but if everything was clean all the time, i wouldn`t get anything "MADE" !!who needs a model looking home when you are living a life of what I really want to be doing.. Just thought i would share..! Here is my life, and i love it! especially all i have been through, which is all good, cause God put me through it.
these are some of the photos that i take..and making them into cards for the local and far away shops!


melody ross said...

Julie, where do you live in Idaho...we totally have to hook up sometime! Thanks for posting on my blog...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I TOTALLY WANT ONE OF YOUR POTS!!!! I am going to check them out at Etsy right now!
....let me know where your farmland is....maybe we can compare farmgirl notes!
Melody Ross

farmerjulie said...

Hi Melody! thanks for stopping by!
i live in Eagle Idaho..that would be fun to compare notes! Have a great day!!

Felicia said...

LOL You should see my studio! Its the messiest room in the house, but then, it has to be doesn't it? :)

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