Tuesday, October 2, 2007

excititng news!

The last couple days have been exciting! Do you guys know Thomas O`brian? He is a interrior designer from New York, and also has his signature line at Target? Well, he bought three of my coil pots! I am on cloud nine! It made my week..to say the least. I just had to share that!! I am mailing them off today.. He is the nicest guy!

On other news. there is no other news. except for the 2nd grade field trip that I went on yesterday to the Future Farmers of America. They gave Greer my 2nd grader a sticker that reads, " No Farms, no Food." I am going to put it on the back of my car. I love it.

No photos today..been busy making more pots with "RED" clay. its messy and fun. the texture is amazing!

Do something creative today! even if it is a smile at a cranky person :)


sugarcreekstuff said...

Three items from one person, especially a famous one! Your stuff is beautiful so I can't blame him. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

That is indeed wonderful news. I would be on cloud nine, too. Very pretty apples in the containers. Did you make those containers as well? Your work looks very fun!

melody ross said...

Julie how incredible!! I hope he didn't buy the pots in your Etsy store that I wanted, I would be SO SAD!!! Oh, I should have acted sooner! :)

Loving your blog so much,
Melody Ross

catherine said...

excellent news!
I love those pots too, but can't find your link to your etsy store,
it doesn't work for me on your blog?
I want some of those pots too!
for my shop! (and my house)
i love, love, love them!
please tell me more about them!
and thanks for the uplifting email,
you are so sweet!
talk soon!

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