Saturday, November 3, 2007

The horses

Here are my horses. Or my kids, i should say..The little grey one is Rainey..she is a sweet little thing, and she has been on here before. The middle is Finn..he loves his back scratched, and will turn around and stick his bottom out for you to scratch it. It scares some people because they think he might buck you...and the white one is Cricket. She is a hunter jumper with lots of ribbons that she has won in daughter Hannah has had her for seven years..A fine horse. just thought i would share my little guys with you. I will to tell you..I was afraid of horses all of my life until hannah got the horse bug at age six, and she took riding lessons, and fell in love and we would go to the stables every day. i am still a little afraid but not like i was, these guys are really like big giant dogs..very friendly!

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Deb said...

Your horses are gorgeous! I love all their names & reading about each one's little personalities. Thanks for sharing this lovely picture.

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