Friday, November 2, 2007

Its Friday!

I will wait for tonight and see if anyone else leaves there name for the pot drawing..even if you dont have a blog, i don`t care! c`mon, dont be shy!

Parents are still here..I am enjoying having them around. We laugh so much! I am thankful to have such great parents. I hooked Dad up with a hunting friend of ours, so they are in Montour Idaho hunting pheasants with their dogs. I am glad he is having fun. Mom and I, and the kids are heading out to Target, and Powells sweet shop, and a few errands. The kids are out of school so maybe a movie? we dont know yet.

The freeze came, that means no more flowers :( thats ok..I am sure i can get alot done indoors. Studio work last night, and some glaze dipping, so i will have some more new pots with a "new look" going on..

Put your name in..and i will be back later !

Have a great day!

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