Thursday, December 27, 2007

Life after Christmas

and here is a new cute gnome that i bought at Borders the day beofre Christmas. He is a new model! Isn`t he just the cutest? I love his suitcase! ha..little traveling gnome. I would go on a trip with you anyday!
So here is a picture of Crystal the kitty. I finally took a picture of her. I would say she is Could be wrong..but her tummy is filling out.!

And on the homefront: it has been stressful, tons to learn, highs and low with blood sugar and emotions. It could be worse, andI am fortunate that it is not. There is a solution, and I am truly grateful for that. Ben want to find a cure. I hope there will be one in his lifetime.I am very proud of how he is handling it.
And on the art front: I went out and threw some pots has been awhile.I didn`t do all that good. oh well. I also got a new KILN! for Christmas! it is coming tomorrow! yipee! Life is Good!


Felicia said...

Love your cute gnome and sweet kitty :)

bonnie said...

i want that gnome and my own KILN!!! so very cool.
i believe there will be a cure.
yes. the power of positive thoughts are headed your way.

farmerjulie said...

thanks felicia, and thanks Bonnie!! you need a kiln with all the cool stuff you make!

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