Friday, December 28, 2007

Fairy Door

I got a fairy door! And i bought it from my sweet friend Catherine who owns the most darling shop called Red Shoes. She is an artist, and has a knack for creativity like i have rarely seen..Go stop by and check out her cool blog, and her fun things. I also bought a great little snowman ornament.
We just put the door up today under our staircase. It will take a few days before the fairies come for a visit. We are anxiously waiting!
here is her site!


Deb said...

Hi Julie
I LOVE the fairy door!! When my kids were little we made a tiny little "mouse house" door - same idea. I love anything whimsical like that :-} Reading your last post ~ hope Ben is doing well. Chrystal is adorable & I can just imagine how much fun you are having fun with your kiln :-}

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, oh we love your fairy door, it is so cute!! Thanks for the link to Catherine, we will pop over there! Beautiful photos on your last few posts too, we are just catching up! The snow is just amazing. Happy New Year Julie!! Jenn and Jacqui

farmerjulie said...

hi girls..thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!!!

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