Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here is a picture that i took of one of those little gift gnomes that comes in a box for like 4.99 at Barnes and Noble. I bought some last year as little last minute gifts, and decided to keep one for myself of course! This guy is small , only like 2 inches tall. I just rented that movie Amelie..I remembered it had a traveling gnome in it. I thought it would be fun to watch again. What is it about these funny little make believe gnomes? i don`t know, but i sure think they are cute.

Other news. ..i am really not sure if we have a pregnant cat on out hands. the ladies at the feed store told me she was, she has alot of milk, but i am wondering if there are any in there. maybe she had the litter before she arrived? the family that dropped her off did not say anything about her being pregnant or just having babies. nothing, nada, so i am not sure. I will keep you posted, but today i am a bit skeptical. darn.
EDIT: I just came back from my little studio in the barn where crystal lives, and i do my pottery. I felt her belly, and it feels bigger. so i think now there are some babies in there.
Have a wonderful day!
off to make some pots!


Donna said...

Hi Julie,
That little gnome sure is cute! Keep us posted on the kittie!

Felicia said...

He's a little cutie cakes :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

He is the sweetest little gnome!! You know what I like about them? They are so pixie-ish and magical. This one kind of looks like a scotty dog...with his short legs, beard and shining eyes. He is a cutie pie and better yet, he has flowers for you! Great find!!!

Keep us posted on Crystal. You have such a good heart! Bless YOU!

bonnie said...

julie ~
i have the same gnome. fron b&n.
he is hiding somewhere in the house.
naughty gnome.
i would love to play with clay with
you too!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

cute gnome!

I had a cat for several years and I could not tell when she was pregnant until around a week before she had her kittens. Small litters both times. Then she was fixed.

And she wasn't a fat cat either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, the little gnome is so cute!! Must be hard to tell with cats, we look forward to more news :) Jenn and Jacqui

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Guess who won my 2nd Giveaway??

Give up?

You did!!!

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Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

hello??? Is it time to send out a search party?

I hope all is well. I don't seem to find an email address. I'll check your store.

You won!!

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