Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So today all the schools were canceled for and official "snowday" first one in the five winters that we have been here!

Here is Bettys wagon. I walk by it on my way to the barn where I do my pottery. By the way, its a real mess. It is such a messy hobby. Sometimes I think that is all that I am good at is making messes.

I have been busy in my "messy little room" I glazed today, and lit the kiln up..well, plugged her in..I love when I have a batch in the oven. I have something to look forward to! I have lots of pieces waiting to dry. I think I am obsessed. I cant go to sleep bacause that is all i think about. Pottery...Pottery, and how I could do this, and make that..i am obsessed. Time for a break. But no way..i am on a roll.


Donna said...

Such pretty pottery pieces! And the picture of the wagon looks so nice with the snow. Enjoy your kiln, I know what you mean by being obsessed ~ I get that way too!

bonnie said...

i love the stages of pottery drying.
great photos.
beautiful pieces.

farmerjulie said...

thanks alot ladies!!

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