Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am still here! Things are crazy on my end.Husband had surgery, so I am helping him cope..That means I have been feeding all the horses and animals etc. My hubby helps out here alot, so i have been picking up the slack, and getting the kids to pitch in. Thats a task in itself.

Just a quickie..and a picture of some red clay that I bought over the weekend. These are still drying, and will be fired later today. If the cards fall where they are suppose to be I will list some PINK on ETSY, yes i did some pink glaze..they turned out really cute. anyway. I used black glaze as well! a customer requested black, and its alot of fun. I am having fun experimenting with the colors. I also started some pansy and viola seeds. I cannot wait for planting season. We are expectiong another snow fall later today. This too shall pass right?


bridgmanpottery said...

Julie, I'm sorry yall have had such a tough time. I know it will only make you stronger, and more grateful for the times that are easy. I've been hit hard by bad news, tough decisions, and the stomach flu, all in the same week, but I'm grateful for the good things! Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family!
I can't wait to see you pink and black wares!

Deb said...

Hope all is well with your hubby Julie. The red clay is beautiful - I loved the white pots in your previous post too!! We are bracing for another big storm too - just a light sprinkling happening at the moment :-}
Keep warm.

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Hi Julie, I'm heading over to your esty shop right now.

((hugs to you and your family))


bonnie said...

i hope that your husband is recovering well.
and that you are taking good care of yourself too~~
i am missing your posts.
i love the pink glaze~~
and i really like the cake stand.
i like to make mini stands that hold just one chocolate truffle.
thinking of you ~~~

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