Sunday, February 10, 2008

Did you know that we are getting two to three minutes of sunlight everyday? That's about twenty minutes a week, and about an hour a month..I have been counting. Can you tell I have been sun starved? Actually the sun has been out for two whole days this week. It will be in the 40`s this week. Do old people talk about the weather a lot? I don't know why...i am obsessed with temperatures. Maybe I need one of those mood lights. But there is a light around the corner. I can do this.

I will give you a re-cap of my week ..If you are interested, because its not all the interesting.

I played nurse.I should have been a nurse, but I can`t stand the sight of blood. Up until I had kids I use to faint when I walked into hospitals, nursing homes, doctor offices. Just the thought of people in pain made my queasy..Mike kept wanting to show me his stitches. I kept yelling at him telling him no, that you don't understand. (men)
So..i was a running up and down the stairs bringing up and cooking food nurse. Maybe I was a waitress then? whatever. I was exhausted. I took four naps last week.

Then I got a phone call from a dear dear friend in California. It was like the old times. She really made my week!! love that.

I fed the flock of animals..
shuffled the kids to school.made Ben his two burritos and delivered them to his school. (my life has changed!) ..made some pots..cooked hot breakfasts everyday. i told you my life has changed. I didn't know how good i had it. my kitchen is in shock. Life use to be simple as in "cold cereal".

Then...we had a party. A eight year old girl half birthday party. They spent the night.All five of them. We made valentine cards, gave each other tattoos..watched a couple movies. wrote letters to the Fairy, because they were so intrigued by our fairy door. She wrote back! was so cute.

So today we are just hanging out. catching up, and lounging around. Things are getting better. wounds are healing, and blood sugars are stabilizing..I am sure there is more.a lot more. couple car accidents. did i mention that? all is fine a tree, a rock and my eighteen year old son. No injuries..just some lessons in driving in the snow.

oh, and today we have to make a small machines valentine box. What??? third grade project. don't you just hate those?? any ideas??



Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! It seems like we have been away for months!! We have just caught up with your posts. We can't get over the weather?!! You my dear could certainly use a ticket to Hawaii!! Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner! Jenn and Jacqui

Deb said...

Hi Julie
You really have had a busy week. Glad to hear your son is ok - driving in the snow :-{. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Her party sounds like so much fun. And the fairy door ... I can just imagine how much fun they all had writing notes :-}
Have a great day!!

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