Friday, February 15, 2008

The little boy who I cook for went to diabetic ski camp today. He seemed to be fine and excited to learn to snowboard. I think I am the one who is the crazy nervous one. Isn`t that what moms are suppose to do?? Worry? If any of you out there need me to worry for you, I will be happy to volunteer. I am good at it, and will be happy to put you on my worry list. No questions asked.

Tonight I was pulled over by a nice policeman, and talked my way out of a ticket. I still have the knack! Good thing I wasn`t drinking, because that is the first thing he asked me. In fact, I haven`t had a drink in five years thank you very much. Only by the grace of God I should add.. is late, i am watching Pokemon with the little one, and eating a midnight cereal snack before we hit the hay. I will be able to sleep in, and have a break from blood sugar checks, take a nap or two and make some pottery tomorrow. thats all..! nighty night.

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