Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Old Shop

My parents went and delivered donuts to the shops..this one is my little baby that i started when i was twenty years old..My brother and sister in law now own it along with three other shops. My dad always delivers donuts to the employees on every holiday. I asked him to take pictures because I always feel connected and nostalgic on Valentines day..Today is the hardest and busiest day in the flower business..The second photo I think is of my brother..the last photo is of my mom( white coat) and sister in law Susan ( brown coat), and some of there employees.! I sure feel for them!! So if you are in Corona Del Mar (Blooms), Dana Point, Laguna Beach( Browne's flowers) Go in and tell them Julie sent you..! ha..tell them you want a deal!
3601 E Coast Highway
Corona Del Mar, California 92625


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I've always thought it would be cool to work in a flower shop, hard work and all!! Happy late Valentine's Day Julie!!

Deb said...

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day Julie. The shop is gorgeous! How sweet that your parents delivered donuts to the shop :-} I've also worked in floral design and think back to those days around Valentines too (busy, busy time) but being surrounded by flowers is wonderful (especially on snowy days).

Felicia said...

What a beautiful shop :)

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