Tuesday, February 12, 2008

pots, sisters, vision boards

I am all over the place today..I have been sneaking into the barn/studio to make some pots. I wish there was more time. This will do for now. I love the turquoise one. It is a new glaze that I was just testing out for the heck of it.
Thats Tess guarding me outside my studio door... She is a sweet mellow lab.
I made a vision board. have you seen The Secret? Well, I havent. Just thought i would make a vision board anyway. Actually, I really dont want anything. really. Just intangible things. Like peace, love, serenity. Reminds me of when I was little. When my mom would blow out her candles on her birthday, I would always ask her what she wished for. She would always say, "I just want everyone to be happy". I could not believe she would waste her wish on that!! I would always wish for a one hundred dollar bill. Every year. I know, I was a shallow kid. But now I totally get why she wished for what she wished for. I am so there with you mom!!
And: here is a pic of me and my sweet sister Wendy. It was taken a Disneyland a few years ago..I love this pic of her and I . We dont have very many. Probably cause I despise my picture taken, and I am not in too many of them. But this one was ok, so i thought i would post it. besides, she is the best sister in the world..and my only sister. We are Irish twins. Eleven month apart! She is older, if you are wondering :)


Deb said...

Such a great post Julie! The pots are fantastic - I love the turquoise glaze. Tess looks just like Benny - what a sweetie. Great picture of you & your sister. Your inspiration board is filled with things I love too - the VW bug, funky painted bike, stencilled stair case & the potters hands. Just gorgeous!

farmerjulie said...

hi Deb! i know tess and benny could be related. ha. my first car was that v-dub! i loved it, and missed it..
are you going to do a board too?

bridgmanpottery said...

love your new banner photo! I wish my black lab, Luther, would lie down and be calm like yours, but he's only 1 1/2, so maybe with time. . .

He likes to sit upstairs with me when I throw, almost right on the pedal for the wheel, making sure it won't bite me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, such a lovely story there. Happy Valentines Day! Jenn and Jacqui

farmerjulie said...

Luther is a cute name! ha

same to you Jenn and Jacqui. glad your back!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I adore your pottery! I am still going to get me a piece and have not forgotten about it!!! I collect white matte pottery and one of your pieces would be de-vine in my home! I love the pic of you and your sister. Always fun to have a face with the blog - you are both so adorable....and so is the charming sweetie pie doggy!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Thank you for your friendship. BTW, love the turquoise glaze...great job!!!


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