Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just Picked..

One of the first flower of spring ..daffodils were right before the grape Hyacinth. Aren`t they so lovely? They still looked good even after we had a couple of inches of snow last night.

This week is going by fast!

I am making my pots BIGGER! It is so much fun, and the kiln fills up so much faster! Today I worked with red clay..and yes, I got it everywhere..

My lovebird is noisy. Yesterday I covered him up cause he was giving me a headache. Today he is much better :) Yesterday i was ready to take him back! No..not really.

Off to a friends for dinner. !!! with my gang :)


Deb said...

What a pretty image Julie. The grape hyacynth are such a stunning purple. Have you named your little lovebird yet? Our budgie Jax had his first Spring bath today ... We both have happy birds :-} Have fun tonight!

Felicia said...

So beautiful :)

Donna said...

Hi Julie,
The spring flowers are so pretty!

I like your header too! (did I say that before?)

Have a great day!

Tammy said...

Love your blog. Do you grow all these flowers on your farm? I plan an trying to make it through all your entries over the weekend to get the history of your farm. I too live on a "mini" farm and am struggling with growing any flowers. Our summers are too short and not hot enough. Your blog is inspiring me to plant some seeds today. Thanks.

melody ross said...

I am loving your new pots and your gorgeous flowers and WHERE ARE YOU MOVING TO??? I seriously need to make it over to your place and get some of these lovely pots from you....

I hope you are doing great....glad you got to meet my sweet SIL HollyDoodle...she is so fabulous...I love love love we gotta get together some time!!

Have a beautiful spring, and I will let you know when I am in town and maybe we can get together.

Keep Creating!

Jenn said...

GORGEOUS Julie!! And the flowers in your banner are absolutely incredible!!

Have a great weekend!


bridgmanpottery said...

grape hyacinths are some of my favorites. Ours have just faded for the season. This is a beautiful picture!

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