Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flower Power

Here is a good and simple way to arrange flowers. I take a handful of one kind of flower,( I used lilac, tulips and narcissus) and bunch it together at the top and all of the stems line up even . I take a little bit of raffia and tie them to hold them into place, you can also use a rubber band. It is good to have two or three of the same kind of flowers. As you can see I did two of each and there are about ten stems per bunch. That is important.. Then I just get a large vase, or pitcher and cut them down even and arrange them with each flower opposite of their variety. Very simply, and you cannot go wrong.I promise.


bridgmanpottery said...

that's so pretty. I have a lilac, but they don't like to bloom this far south. I've had it for three years- nothing so far. But what a gorgeous arrangement!

farmerjulie said...

thanks Melissa. How did it go today? I hope well!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Pretty flowers here!! Thanks for the tips!!


Donna said...

It's beautiful! Love the colors that you picked.

Deb said...

Gorgeous flower pics Julie - I love the colour scheme you chose.
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day :-}

farmerjulie said...

Thank You all I hope your day is wonderful and enjoy it!!

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